Just like every patient case is different, so is every business need. As a trusted partner of numerous Healthcare companies, we have a deep understanding of the technology your business requires to meet its everyday demands at an affordable price.

Boost the Well-being of Your Business

Our state-of-the-art services will support your business with the fastest Internet available so you can access, read and share digital medical records, process credit cards, administer training videos and more. Spectrum Business Layer 3 VPN service can handle just about any kind of traffic and securely connect you to your multiple business locations at speeds up to 10Gbps. To help you reduce the expense of maintaining a Wide Area Network, our Ethernet services are available at a wide variety of bandwidth options. Spectrum Business Cloud & Hosting services give you data backup with no requirement for hardware allowing you to minimize investment and operating costs. Since your data backup needs may differ month to month, the service is scalable to cover only what you need. You'll also have the freedom to access applications anywhere, anytime with security, speed and reliability. To stay connected to your patients and multiple office locations, our high-quality Phone Service offers flexible calling packages, long-distance plans and customer care. If you need a more powerful phone service, Spectrum Business PRI is perfect for handling a large number of employees and office locations generating a high volume of calls. We also provide HDTV to keep your patients entertained while staying in your waiting rooms.